General assembly

You must provide information, be accountable and – above all – convincing

The atmosphere must be warm and comfortable – it is thus necessary to balance the choice of venue with the message being reflected and the participants in the audience. Ensuring that you have powerful tools of communication in order to validate the number of participants and mark the attendance sheets, facilitate the votes and, consequently, the decisions approved – such are the challenges of your general assembly.

Business Profilers Agency proposes the best rooms, caterers, technical facilities, guaranteeing administrators the best conditions for winning support.

Ordinary or extraordinary… in the hands of Business Profilers Agency, the general assembly is always a synonym for success!

Business convention

You wish interactivity with your staff and to forge a real link in order to mobilise them around a unifying project.

You have found the key themes, defined the speakers who will make a relevant contribution to the animation of this event.

The time has come to choose a venue in line with your budget and in keeping with your message and your image.

Daring to be different, looking after the staging, strengthening cohesion and prioritising interactivity are equally the key factors of success for your business convention!

Business Profilers is with you every step of the way in this process and even beyond! Once the convention has been completed, the ultimate, decisive step will be to evaluate its impact whilst the iron Is still hot – permitting you to prepare for the next one!

The participants in your convention are the best ambassadors for transmitting your message far beyond the limits of your company: it’s the recipe for success!

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