Your venue-finding needs

You are organising a corporate event and you must find the ideal venue and the appropriate service providers who will contribute to the success of your project

The advice and support provided by Business Profilers Agency

  • Our team assists you in defining your list of specifications and the search for venues and service providers.
  • In less than 4 hours you will receive our recommendation for the available sites and service providers.
  • In less than 24 hours you will receive the quotation directly from your chosen venues and service providers.
  • We will organise your fact-finding visits, follow the progress of your project, negotiate the best rates and general purchasing conditions.
  • You enter into a contract and finalise your project directly with the venues or service providers that you have selected, in accordance with the best purchase and cancellation rates that we have negotiated for you.
  • From this moment onwards you will be assigned a personal contact for your service provider, who will follow your event right up until you leave.
  • On your behalf, we will contact those sites and service providers that you have not selected.
  • As soon as the event has been realised, we will work with you to evaluate the quality of the event realised, the quality of the service provided by both the establishment and the service providers with regard to your expectations.

Your benefits

  • Thanks to our purchasing power, all of the service providers that we recommend to you are committed to supply our central purchasing department with the best currently available rates: cost optimisation.
  • We negotiate the best purchasing and cancellation terms on your behalf: risk-minimisation
  • Thanks to our private database of partners, who are either part of a chain of hotels or are a private owner and have been meticulously selected based upon strict quality criteria, you benefit from the market’s best service providers worldwide, which guarantees the success of your event; a satisfaction rate of 98.9 % on the 5000 most recently organised events.
  • Time saving.
  • Venue finding service without an agency fee – it is offered to you by our partners, who we pay us to bring you this quality service.

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