Training seminar

You wish to train your employees and to host them in a setting that is different to their accustomed professional environment, offering them a venue that is atypical and inspiring, one that is conducive to concentration and which is going to enable them to take the necessary distance for reflection so that they may fully benefit from the issue in hand… such is your challenge !

Where to organise this training seminar ?

In Paris, in the provinces, in a regional city, in a residence of character set amid greenery, on the coast or in the mountains, in a highly modern setting, in an easily accessible site… we are able to suggest a large selection of possibilities according to your objectives and your budget.
Supply us with your list of specifications and we will provide you with the ideal solution!
Our recommendation for the venue and service providers is decisive for the success of your training.

Orientation seminar

You wish to excel in welcoming new colleagues, to unite them in a venue designed for exchange of ideas in order to be able to forge solid links with the entire team: this is your mission!
Which venues, which activities, which concepts should you propose for new colleagues ?
The expert “profilers” are there to advise you in these dynamics and to bring you the best solutions !
Our proposal for the orientation concept is one of the key factors in facilitating the reception of your new colleagues.

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