To transport each of your participants to your event – organisers, speakers and spectators alike – from their usual address to your chosen venue, in the best conditions of punctuality, security and comfort and at a reasonable cost.


  • To precisely determine the time for all groups to meet up according to when they are required. The transportation of each participant is the bringing together of different complementary means, which must link together with precision. The departure time must be pre-determined in order to respect the correct time of arrival.
  • To precisely identify the needs and constraints of each participant in order that they may be available for your event at the right time.
  • To communicate the company’s travel policy as soon as possible to ensure that the regulations are also respected for the transfers to your event.
  • To respect the confirmation dates for the options in order to ensure that the availability and indicated rates are maintained.
  • To include the employer’s liability for the security, and the physical and mental health of their employees (article L.4121-1 of the labour law) and to take the necessary measures to guarantee that this is upheld.


  • Our close contact with your Business Profilers expert enables us to incorporate transport constraints in order to shed light on the choice of event venue.
  • We conceive the round-trip for each participant in a manner that will simplify their journey, enable them to be in the right place at the right time and to optimise your budget.
  • You will benefit from very competitive rates due to the specific pricing agreements that we have with the airlines and railway companies, car hire companies, coach companies, transfer services and chauffeur-driven vehicles.
  • You can count upon our availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in the event of an urgent requirement, in order to provide the necessary assistance to a participant in difficulty.
  • We propose a specific insurance to you, covering all of the risks for each participant of your event, from the cancellation of their transfer for any reason right through to possible medical assistance.


  • We are a travel service group of national standing, a member of the Tourcom association, which regroups 700 sales outlets for a purchasing volume of more than 2 billion euro with the transport and accommodation service providers.
  • For more than 10 years, we have been managing the international business travel service of major French groups.
  • We dispose of a remote reservation centre, situated in France, and of 32 agencies in towns throughout France.
  • We benefit from direct access to the service providers’ reservation charts, enabling us to identify available capacities in real time.

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