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Business Profilers Agency combines the talents of a venue finder with those of a business tourism and events agency in order to provide support for businesses :

Our service is aimed at SMEs and large French groups or multinationals alike. Whether you are responsible for events, an organiser or buyer of non-manufactured services, we have the appropriate solution and expertise that you need.

We coordinate all manner of business events: seminars, training sessions, conventions, product launches, general assemblies, gala evenings, incentives, sales force meetings, strategic or steering committees…..

Boosting the success of your projects, optimising your resources and your costs, minimise your risks: this is our mission.

Our organisation is entirely oriented towards your satisfaction: altruism and integrity are our key values

Thanks to our know-how, you will find the venue or service provider for the organisation of an event or the development of a globalisation strategy on a national or international level with the following key results:

  • Gaining time with rapid, pertinent and transparent solutions.
  • The reduction of the number of service providers and the simplification of your purchasing process.
  • A clear vision concerning your company’s seminar and event activities.
  • Personalised support.
  • An analysis of the performance

We are there to simplify your life by bringing you efficient solutions, whilst respecting the restrictions, regulations and the issues that matter to you.

A timeline of our business event organisation and seminar know-how :

2005: Creation of Business Profilers, a specialist in the finding of business event venues in France
2010: Business Profilers opens itself up to the international market and develops its selections for Spain, Portugal and Morocco, with an office in Barcelona
2013: Launch of the selections for the United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany, with an office in Frankfurt
2014: Launch of the selections for the USA and Vietnam, with an office in Ho Chi Ming City, and the opening of an office in London.
2015: Launch of the selections for Italy and Benelux

Organisation of Business Profilers Agency :

Human relationships are at the heart of our organisation!

The founders of Business Profilers have been present on the M.I.C.E (Meeting, Incentive, Conference, Event) market for more than 30 years. They have worked for the largest international hotel chains and are accustomed to satisfying the most demanding needs of businesses in the organisation of their seminars and business events.

In order to support them in this project, they have organised Business Profilers around two divisions:

The selection of service providers division: Business Premium

Business Profilers has entrusted the Business Premium company with the selection, based upon very strict criteria, of the elite of business tourism that we make available to you on our internet sites. It is this that brings a guarantee of quality to all of our clients who organise events. Unlike most of our competitors, our database is private and we are acquainted with all of the partners that we propose to you. We have been working with them for numerous years and – thanks to the studies of satisfaction conducted after every event – we are able to boast a performance rate of 98.5% on the last 5000 events realised.

The client relations division, which is based upon:

  • a multilingual team of experts originating from the hotel trade or that of event organisation,
  • a selection of international partners,
  • specially developed communication tools designed to make relations run more smoothly

After having spent years working at the heart of the operational services of the key players in business tourism, they are at your side at Business Profilers in order to provide you with support in the success of your projects. They are highly familiar with the market and all of the operators. They are the guarantors for your security – indeed, they know that there is no room for improvisation in the organisation of your event!

Our commitment and that of our service providers :

Business Profilers Agency guarantees you:

  • Ideal solutions within a record time
  • A personalised business relationship
  • A follow-up before, during and after the event
  • The transparency of price, contracts, products and services
  • The best quality/price/service relationship on the market through the application of our purchasing power and the best purchasing and cancellation terms.

The commitment of our service providers:

  • To reply to requests of availability within 4 hours
  • To produce a quotation for a hotel or venue within 24 hours
  • To assign a project manager to you within 48 hours for an event management project
  • To supply you wish a personalised welcome during a fact-finding visit and again during the reception of your guests
  • To bring you a service of excellent quality
  • To enable you to benefit from the best quality/price/service relationship in force at the indicated date and the best purchasing and cancellation terms.

From an executive committee for 6 people through to a convention for 3000 people, Business Profiler represents a synergy of talents dedicated to the success of your projects!

The methodology of our client division :

Our entire team and that of our service providers work in synergy for a common goal: the success of your business event!

In order to facilitate your work and to guarantee the success of your event, Business Profilers assures you of support throughout your journey: from the initial request for information through until the final evaluation of the organisation of your event.

At your service you will have a dedicated expert “profiler” who is available, efficient and reactive. Their role is to thoroughly understand your list of specifications and your challenges in order to be able to offer you useful advice. They are familiar with all of the service providers that we have selected and their advice is precious and well-considered.

1/ The definition of your needs

Validating your list of specifications with experts is reassuring!

  • As soon as you have decided to organise a conference, a seminar, an incentive, a team-building activity or an event, contact our experts on : 03 44 555 444.
  • They are at your service 5 days a week from 9:00 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. in order to bring you a personalised service.

2/ Searching for suitable solutions within your allocated budget :

  • Your expert “profiler” identify the venues, the service providers and the communication agencies corresponding to your request, check their availability and communicate your list of specifications to them.
  • Within the half-day following your request, they send you their recommendation of venues and service providers corresponding to your needs and availability at the given dates, with a detailed presentation of each site.

You will have a selection of available venues and service providers within 4 hours and, depending upon the option chosen, you will either receive the quotations from the service providers directly or else a consolidated proposal by Business Profilers Agency

3/ Support for your project right up until the day of the event

Two options are proposed to you:

  • You have contact with the service providers and finalise your project yourself.
  • You have an expert  “profiler” from the Business Profilers Agency, who is specifically assigned to you and who manages the entire project with you.

4/ The on-site coordination of your project

It is an optional extra service depending upon the option chosen.

The tasks of your event coordinators are essential: anticipation, coordination, monitoring, reacting to possible changes in order to optimise the service provided… you thus have peace of mind and can calmly focus on relations with your guests. The number of coordinators is dependent upon the complexity of each event. As a general rule, we envisage one for every 50 participants.

5/ Analysis of satisfaction

As soon as the event has finished, irrespective of the option chosen, we work with you to evaluate the quality of the establishment’s services in terms of your expectations and of its commitment to quality. The current rate of satisfaction is 98.9 % on the last 5000 events realised.

6/ Centralised reporting within the framework of the centralised purchasing service

We guarantee the post-event financial reconciliation for the issuance and payment of the final invoice or in order to also bring you the pre-defined performance indicators, which will enable you to have a comprehensive picture for all of your projects.

7/ Setting up of an “educational programme” permitting you to have a better understanding of international business tourism

Our team hosts numerous conferences on the good practises in place associated with the organisation of business seminars and events.

Thanks to the relationships that we maintain with our suppliers, you may participate in educational programmes and explore the venues, the destinations or the activities: exploratory stay, hosted buyers programme etc.